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We believe that the mouthpiece is one of the most important components in your acoustic setup. Optimally, a good sax mouthpiece should allow you, the player to develop maximum performance/sound capabilities, without any compromise in the ease of playing. The mouthpiece should also form a suitable interface between the player and instrument, whereby the whole setup then becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts. A great mouthpiece can improve any saxophone.

With the aid of online/telephone consultation, ZAGAR® will provide you with a cutting-edge solution, specifically tailored to your mouthpiece needs.

Alongside hundreds of other satisfied players, you too can now benefit by being provided with a cutting-edge solution.

The ZAGAR® advantage exists on two levels:

ZAGAR® saxmouthpieces utilizes re-discovered acoustic principles that are currently demonstrated in highly sought-after vintage mouthpieces.

ZAGAR® saxmouthpieces continues to work within the framework of these time-proven principles (from days gone by), but delivers an even more consistent product through computer assisted technology.

Contact us at info@zagarsaxmouthpieces.com, for an obligation-free one on one consultation. Please leave your telephone number (including area and country code), if you wish to be contacted via telephone.

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