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Hi, my name is David Zagar. I am proud to state that I have been in this business of creating saxophone mouthpieces for 25 years, which is a really long time. You know, that’s a quarter of a century!

With this time comes a great deal of experience. My experiences are manifold:

    • I have purchased many mouthpieces, both old and new, and have learned many things. The one thing that I promise you (in this “real world”) is that there is always a compromise – you fix one problem and at least three (3) others are created!

Lesson: Designing problem-free mouthpieces is hard work, or perhaps approaching “near impossible”, and that’s why I now have your attention;

    • Reeds seem to create an “uncontrollable” parameter within the mouthpiece design equation, but this is only relative to how well a mouthpiece plays/responds in the first place, and that’s also why I now have your attention;
    • There is a lot of “information” out there, that is, hard rubber is best, metal is best, to plate or not to plate, you need this type/kind for this or that style etc.

Please note that I only have one model (each) for tenor and alto in a number of specific tip opening sizes, and that’s another reason as to why I now have your attention.

Question: Is the ZAGAR "800" series mouthpiece the correct solution for me, and would this one single model (filtered design) represent the ultimate mouthpiece to play all kinds/styles of music?

To answer this question requires us to reflect that in this “real world” there is always a compromise. I have chosen my own specific bronze metal material for a number of reasons. I have chosen a specific finishing process with the least compromise in playability. I have designed a chamber for a “feel, response and intonation” that will again be the best compromise.

You can say that I have “filtered” thousands of materials, chambers, finishes, facings etc, in order that you can take faith that I have done this work on your behalf and for you to start playing your instrument, instead of “mouthpiece shopping”.

There is no “holy grail”; there is only a “best possible compromise solution” and you will understand this once you have had a chance to play and understand what kind of mouthpiece technology I have created for you.

Take advantage of my 30 day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money-back and finally end your mouthpiece troubles. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Forget the hype – playing a ZAGAR saxophone mouthpiece is believing!

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